What We Build

Kitchen & Bath Renovations: The most used and loved spaces within our homes seem to be the kitchens and baths. These spaces also take a beating from the water, temperatures and daily use. We are ready to help you transform your older Kitchen or Master Bath into the clean, efficient and dynamic space that you have been waiting for.

Custom Renovations & Additions: In many ways major renovation/additions are not only our most common project type, but also one of the most challenging and enjoyable to work on. We are highly trained to ensure your addition and/or renovation seamlessly integrate with your current home to make the whole space cohesive and exceed expectations. Furthermore we take great pride in our communication, cleanliness and efficiency to make sure that the very invasive process of renovating your home causes as little stress and disruption to you as possible.

New Custom Homes: Nothing quite matches the feeling of having dreamed up, designed, built and finally moved into a new home that is uniquely yours.  Custom construction is all about creating the home that is perfectly matched to your lifestyle, budget, lot and style. It is not just assembling the sticks and bricks of a house, but working with a team of professionals to take a critical, organized and comprehensive look at each of the items that transform a new house into YOUR HOME.  Cabin John Builders has created an enjoyable and exciting experience for the whole team especially the homeowners.

Land/Home Acquisitions: The DC Real Estate market is one of the most expensive and active in the country so we are all well aware how rare it is to find your prefect home in the perfect location.  This task is exponentially harder if you are trying to live inside the capital beltway. If you have the home of your dreams designed in your head, or even on paper we are specially trained to help you find the raw lot, teardown, or older home in need of extensive renovations in the location you want. Josh Rosenthal is a licensed and experienced Realtor who focuses specifically on properties for redevelopment or major addition/renovations. Let us help you find that old house with “good bones” and renovate it into your dream home.

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